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With years of experience, we are able to manage all your packaging requirements, providing customised, cost effective and reliable packaging that has been tested and produced by our own companies.

Our expert knowledge enables us to offer advanced solutions that are highly competitive and we can provide integrated packaging, logistics and transport services, removing the need for you to work with anyone else. 

We offer the full range of industrial processes for packaging, namely:

  • Package study and design
  • Package construction
  • Packaging: at manufacturing plants or at our dedicated warehouses 
We also offer the following services:
  • Disassembly of installations 
  • Technical survey of size and data for shipments
  • Installations collection
  • Packaging for oversize machinery, spare parts and installations.
  • Metal bars and tailored protection systems
  • Goods storage before shipment
  • Kitting 
  • Road, sea and air shipments 
  • Reports and documents covering all the necessary phases 


  • Improved goods management processes
  • Optimisation of stowage and loading plans
  • Improved internal logistics
  • Reduced “time to market” 
  • Flexibility
  • A sole partner for your entire supply chain
Our highly qualified staff are on hand to discuss any packaging process or industrial packaging request you may have and their aim is always to offer the best possible solution for your specific needs.