Supply chain for grocery

Quality and speed in bringing products to your table.

The service

Transmec ToBe specialises in the management of logistics operations for the entire distribution process, from production to end point delivery. All our expertise, focused on grocery products, or fast-moving consumer goods, including compatible foodstuffs and products.

Our advantages

Supply chain for grocery

Specialised services

We directly manage delivery to mass retail, wholesale and traditional retail outlets, through a specialised and centrally-controlled distribution organisation (fleet management, exclusive independent owner-drivers and certified carriers).


Localisation of deliveries and traceability

Product tracing in accordance with ECR standards and delivery progress tracking through our portal and associated customer service.


Comprehensive coverage

Management of returns, urgent deliveries and any collection (with direct payment).


Pallet management

Pallet management through exchange (with note management) and direct pallet stock management (pooling).


Contract packaging

Co-packing (box pallets, shrink wrapping, batches, stickering).


Customer service

Customer service and contract management with a specialised internal team.

What we offer

Transmec ToBe provides an extensive offering of specialised logistics management solutions, with comprehensive coverage of each phase of the distribution process and attention to detail.

Our offering includes:

Supply chain for grocery

Management of production and storage warehouse facilities

Product handling management

Transport and distribution

Specific services for the management of food, beverage, household & bodycare, healthcare and petfood products

Temperature control (up to 15°)

Online tracking of orders

Product tracking, batch management

Pallet management (pooling, exchange, purchase centres)

Added-value services (co-packing, reverse logistics, proof of delivery, collect on delivery, delivery booking portals, archive)

Specialised customer service

Multi-resource solutions (intermodal transport, multi-customer warehousing)

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