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For years we have been transforming our passion for logistics into tailor-made solutions for you.

We are your trusted partner, always ready to evolve with you.
We manage your supply chain with complete solutions, nationally and internationally.
With Transmec, even the most complex challenges become personalized solutions.

Our Logistics Services

Our network of warehouses, recently built and at the forefront in terms of sustainability, is designed to adapt to the specificities of each sector and channel.

We take care of:
• Logistics and distribution
• 24-hour goods sorting - Transit point
• Goods storage and deposit
• Shipment assembly
• Packaging
• National and international transportation
Our Logistics Services:
• Logistics solution design and intelligent warehousing
• Inbound logistics - supply to production lines
• Outbound logistics
• In-house logistics
• Packaging

Our warehouses in Germany

Logistics Munich

Our logistics centre in Munich offers 4,200 sqm of warehouse space and 3,000 pallet positions.

Poing - Asset

Covered area: 4,200 sqm
Clear height: 8 meters
Pallet positions: 3,000
Number of input bays: 9
Number of output bays: 9
Loading/unloading docks: 18
Ingress/egress vehicles: 30/hour

Logistics Düsseldorf

Our logistics centre in Düsseldorf offers 3,000 sqm of warehouse space and 2,500 pallet positions.

Heiligenhaus - Asset

Covered area: 3,000 sqm
Clear height: 12 meters
Pallet positions: 2,500
Number of input bays: 16
Number of output bays: 16
Loading/unloading docks: 32
Ingress/egress vehicles: 20/hour

Logistics Stuttgart

Our logistics centre in Stuttgart offers 1,600 sqm of warehouse space and 1,500 pallet positions.

Stuttgart - Asset

Covered area: 1,600 sqm
Clear height: 12 meters
Pallet positions: 1,500
Number of input bays: 4
Number of output bays: 3
Loading/unloading docks: 7
Ingress/egress vehicles: 12/hour

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