PlaNet Green Cup: Transmec takes the field for sustainability

Challenges and training to reduce the Group's carbon footprint.

For the first time, Transmec is taking part in the PlaNet Green Cup, the corporate green engagement project developed by Up2You to involve and train employees on the most current and fundamental issues related to environmental sustainability.

Through gamification but with tangible results, a team of ten employees from various divisions and business areas will compete mission after mission against other companies, putting sustainability principles into practice in a fun and engaging way.

The five-week-long mix of training and challenges, starting from April 16th, will engage the Transmec team in online activities aimed at reducing their carbon footprint, such as reducing energy consumption and responsible waste management.

Transmec is the first transportation and logistics company to join the PlaNet Green Cup, demonstrating a sensitivity to the environment that places it at the forefront of its industry.

"The PlaNet Green Cup is an initiative of great value to our company,” emphasized Carlotta Montecchi, Transmec Group’s Marketing & Communication Manager.

"This innovative gamification-based training strategy offers a concrete opportunity to involve and raise awareness among our employees on environmental issues, promoting responsible behaviours both in the workplace and in daily life. Moreover, it plays an important role in fostering team building and consolidating a collaborative and motivated work environment."

PlaNet Green Cup: Transmec scende in campo per la sostenibilità - Transmec Group