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What is AEO certification?

AEO certification, short for "Authorised Economic Operator", is an important recognition in the field of logistics and international transportation.
Obtaining AEO certification implies that a company is considered reliable and secure by customs and regulatory authorities in commercial contexts having passed rigorous checks and requirements established by national customs authorities themselves.
Companies must demonstrate having secure and reliable operations, an adequate risk management system, and a positive record of compliance with customs and tax regulations.
It was first introduced in 2008 by the EU as part of its policies to enhance security and facilitate international trade.

Transmec’s AEO certification

Transmec's decision to obtain AEO certification stems from its desire to offer customers the best possible service in terms of efficiency and security in continuously changing macroeconomic scenarios, such as with Brexit.
Transmec has obtained AEO certification for its companies in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Romania.
The types of certification Transmec has obtained are:

Transmec trucks and trailers.

AEO Customs Simplifications (AEOC)

The AEOC is aimed at economic operators directly involved in customs activities and wishing to simplify customs procedures, gaining benefits such as priority clearance and reduced customs checks.

AEOC-Trasporti Internazionali Transmec

AEO Security and Safety (AEOS)

The AEOS is intended for economic operators managing goods' security during international transport, obtaining benefits such as increased supply chain security and reduced security checks.

AEOS-Transmec Ro

AEO Customs Simplifications and Security and Safety (AEOF)

The AEOF is a combination of the previous two types, targeting economic operators seeking benefits related to both customs procedure simplification and security risk management.

AEOF-Transmec UK and Transmec De Bortoli Group España

AEO Transport: Advantages for Customers

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) certification offers a range of significant benefits for companies operating in logistics and international transport and consequently for their customers.
These include:

Transmec customs documents

Simplified procedures

AEO-certified companies enjoy simplified customs procedures, reducing goods clearance times and improving operational efficiency.

Priority in customs checks

Authorised economic operators have priority in customs checks, meaning fewer delays in shipments and faster transit times.

Facilitated collaboration with customs authorities

Recognised as reliable partners, AEO-certified companies can enjoy increased collaboration and support from customs authorities.

Cost reduction

Thanks to procedure simplification and increased efficiency, AEO companies can reduce costs associated with goods transit across borders.

Security and reliability

Customers can have greater confidence in AEO-certified companies, as it indicates they have passed rigorous checks and meet high standards of security and regulatory compliance.

AEO Mutual Recognition Agreements

The concept of "AEO mutual recognition" refers to the practice where two or more countries or customs unions mutually accept the validity of AEO certification issued by their respective customs authorities.
This means that an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certified in one country will be recognised as reliable in other countries with which mutual recognition agreements have been established.
Some of the major countries and regions recognising and adopting the AEO programme include: European Union, China, United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, and Moldova.

AEO in the United Kingdom

After Brexit, the United Kingdom introduced its own Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programme, which operates similarly to the EU's AEO programme.
This programme was developed to ensure that British companies continue to benefit from customs facilitations and procedural simplifications in international trade, regardless of EU membership.
The UK recognises both EU AEOs and AEOs from other countries, allowing UK-based companies to obtain AEO recognition and benefit from the aforementioned advantages.

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