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Transmec Italia: operations following the COVID-19 health emergency

Following the new Ministerial Decree and the related restrictive measures, particularly the suspension of all production activities that are not strictly necessary, Transmec’s Italian branches remain open in order to respond to customers, although with effect from Monday 30/03/2020 they will be operating at a reduced level.

Our team remains committed to providing the best possible service, despite the major limitations resulting from the current health emergency that require us to manage shipments with ad hoc solutions.

We remain at your disposal for any request and can be contacted via the following email address: 

Land requests
Modena: transmec_mo_covid19@transmecgroup.com
Milano:    transmec_mi_covid19@transmecgroup.com
Torino:    transmec_to_covid19@transmecgroup.com
Prato:      transmec_po_covid19@transmecgroup.com

Air and Ocean requests
Modena: transmec_os_mo_covid19@transmecgroup.com
Milano:    transmec_os_mi_covid19@transmecgroup.com
Prato:      transmec_os_po_covid19@transmecgroup.com

Thank you for your continued collaboration and understanding. 

Transmec Group