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Far East, Far Better!

Transmec has strengthened its overseas services between the Far East and Italy, with a 4-day reduction in transit time to its hub at Campogalliano (Modena) via the port of Genoa. 

The consolidated weekly service operates at the following locations: 

IMPORT- Hub Campogalliano (Modena,Italy)

Shanghai - transit time 30 days (container closure Monday and ship departure Friday)

Ningbo - transit time 28 days (container closure Tuesday and ship departure Sunday)

Shenzen - transit time 24 days (container closure Thursday and ship departure Thursday)

Hong Kong - transit time 30 days (container closure Thursday and ship departure Wednesday)

EXPORT-Hub Milano (Italy)

Hong Kong - transit time 27 days (container closure Thursday and ship departure Sunday)

Shanghai - transit time 36 days (container closure Thursday and ship departure Sunday)

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