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Transmec, a company that promotes health

Transmec Group adds another important milestone to the Welfare policy by obtaining the recognition of "Company that promotes health".

In line with the indications of the Emilia Romagna Region, a prevention plan for all employees was approved for the year 2019-2020, which includes training sessions on correct lifestyles and the main causes of illness.

The Promotion of Health in the Workplace has, therefore, the goal of preventing or modifying those harmful behaviors that are the main risk factors for the most frequent chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, tumors, respiratory diseases, diabetes).

Together with the Regional ER Health Service, screening and preventive analyzes are also planned to protect the health of employees and their families.

"A path undertaken with the awareness that prevention is a precious ally of everyone's life and work", says Franca Scagliarini, Welfare manager of the Transmec group.

"We would like to thank KnowAndBe.Live and Dr. Luigia Tauro who, during the first meeting of the course, through participatory diagrams, helped Transmec employees to have + Knowledge and - Fear on cancer diseases."

The prevention plan will involve all the Italian branches with the respective Ausl of competence.