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Transmec eyes the prize for its work-life balance

Transmec is in the running for the Work-Life Balance Friendly Award promoted by the Marisa Bellisario Foundation, together with Confindustria.
The Group has applied for the award which is for large companies that have distinguished themselves in terms of gender equality and work-life balance by implementing clear and innovative policies.

Franca Scagliarini, HR manager Italy, confirms the company's total commitment to these areas.

"Transmec Group has always paid close attention to women's and welfare policies,” she said.

“We can count on a total female workforce of 49%, which rises to 55% when applied to our management. These figures are particularly significant given the traditional male dominance in the transport and logistics sector.

“Observing the national collective bargaining agreement, we also adopt an equal pay policy which applies both to wages and any incentives that recognise and reward professionalism.”

The Group’s will continue to move forward on its chosen path. 

“Listening to and meeting the needs of our employees is one of our primary aims,” Franca added.

“The use of a welfare platform and other initiatives, such as the company's Family Day and Week End, already help to integrate and exchange ideas among all workers.”

The Marisa Bellisario Foundation is one of Italy’s most important organisations for enhancing the professionalism of women working in the public and private sectors, and promoting a culture of gender equality.

Confindustria is the main association representing service and manufacuring companies in Italy, with more than 150,000 member companies, employing a total of 5.4 million people.