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Together for a Welfare world

On the evening dedicated to employees, Transmec along with selected partners and distinguished guests will talk about Welfare.

Zeta Service will present the award-winning Libellula project, speaking on the delicate issue of violence against women; it will then demonstrate how an innovative domestic welfare policy can bring happiness to the workplace.

Prof. Roberta Bortolucci of Eso Consulting will outline the training plan for the year 2019 dedicated to the operating levels of the group, for "well-being" in the workplace.

With KnowAndBe.Live, everyone taking part in the evening will be able to take a block route, with participated diagrams, to measure their level of knowledge on cancer prevention and following the correct lifestyle. In fact, in 2019 employees will have access to an online platform where they will find useful health advice and a series of preventive checks for all their families.

Finally the Hon. Lella Golfo, President of the Bellisario Foundation and author of the book "Ad Alta Quota", will greet those present recalling the Mela d'Oro 2018 - Work Life Balance Friendly award - received by Transmec thanks to the presence of women in the Group’s operational areas and management.

Franca Scagliarini, HR Manager Transmec Italia, explains: "We want to sensitize and inform our collaborators on delicate issues of everyday life, which are never talked about enough. 

“The company is an important information channel and can reach a large number of people thanks to our employee network. The Transmec Welfare plan in turn forms a network with important partners who share the same policy on gender equality and awareness of social issues."