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Tailor-made logistics solutions for the luxury fashion sector

Fashion is an important sector for Transmec and clients include luxury brands requiring bespoke logistics services to meet the high expectations of their customers.
Transmec is satisfying these requirements by continuously redesigning international supply chains – ranging from the transport of raw materials to store delivery and stock replenishment.
Activity is underpinned by significant investments in people, assets and technology.
“Great service is essential and our approach is always determined by the need to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our clients’ customers,” explains Adrian Nicholls, Transmec Group’s commercial director.
“Millennials are the key driving force for the sector. Embracing technology and social media, they demand fast, efficient service and if they aren’t satisfied it’s very easy to lose a sale. 
“As a result, we’re continually tailoring end-to-end logistics services and organising the entire supply chain to ensure their demands are met.”  

Express solutions
Luxury fashion brands hold less stock than many other retailers and Transmec helps them to manage this by increasing its mobility.
Supported by its international branch network, Transmec’s own store-to-store software enables brands to operate a digital warehouse enabling retail outlets to identify where stock is held and then order it for delivery within hours.
A store assistant will use the software to find out where an item is being held – this could be at a client’s own local fulfilment centre (LFC) or another store – and then place an order. 
The nearest delivery van will then pick up the item and take it to the store to be collected by the customer. 
In some locations the same express service operates with an option to modify an item of clothing or accessory via an additional stop at a designer’s or manufacturer’s premises.

International deliveries within 24 hours
It isn’t just local deliveries that are fast. Transmec coordinates logistics on a global scale, streamlining road transport from hubs and manufacturers across Europe to deliver to stores or LFCs within 24 hours.
One example of Transmec’s innovative solutions is a fulfilment centre serving a flagship Paris store and outlet.
Doubled-manned, non-stop Transmec truck services depart late each afternoon from hubs in Italy and northern England, arriving early the following day. 
Their timing is key to ensuring our client’s pan-European distribution network operates with maximum efficiency and is able to respond quickly to stock demands to ensure customers remain satisfied.

Air supply
Air freight plays a key role in Transmec’s logistics mix, particularly when helping fashion brands serve the large consumer markets in the Far East.
With land at a premium in major cities, Transmec enables them to manage and replenish stock more cost-effectively by using air deliveries from hubs based thousands of miles away.
We’ve also moved stock around the world for pop-up shops, taking goods from manufacturer to the temporary store with just a few days’ notice.
Transmec also works closely with the creative teams that drive a luxury brand and are always ready to respond to their particular needs. For emergency deliveries, such as a last-minute accessory for a fashion show, Transmec staff are permanently on standby to jump on a flight and hand over the item personally.

The secret of Transmec’s success
Trust and responsiveness are key to Transmec’s success in the sector and Adrian Nicholls has no doubt that the Group’s approach will continue to evolve.
He adds: “We understand the importance of our role in protecting and enhancing our clients’ brands. They place their trust in Transmec and we know we have to get everything right first time. 
“Transmec’s agility as a business helps us to achieve this. A flat management structure enables us to move forward very quickly and we always respond where we recognise a need for investment.” 
Recent purchases include a state-of-the-art fleet of 120 goods on hanger (GOH) trailers and final-mile vehicles.
Technology investments, such as the store-to-store software and track and trace, optimise the fast movement of goods and ensure their security in transit.
Adrian concludes: “Of course, these investments are vital but it’s Transmec’s people and culture – our ‘can-do’ approach - that make the biggest difference.
“Working closely and proactively with customers, it’s our teams that ensure our service is tailored to meet their needs - and then delivered 24/7.”