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Special projects to Russia

Transmec transports freight of all sizes and has successfully completed two complex shipments of manufacturing equipment to Russia.

The projects, fulfilled for different clients, saw food production machinery carried in convoy from Italy.

An eight-truck convoy took a pet food plant to a factory at Dmitrov, near Moscow, while a pasta production plant was taken in three trucks to Krasnodar, near the Black Sea in southern Russia.

Piera Orsi, Transmec’s project manager, said: “These were complex shipments where we worked very closely with both the Italian and Russian sides, supported by Russian speakers within our team.

“As well as managing door-to-door transport - overland and by sea - we handled customs clearance throughout, including export customs, transit from the European Union and entry into the Eurasian Custom Union.”

Transmec operates bespoke and regular, scheduled services to both Russia and CIS.

Since 2015, the Group’s grocery logistics division, Transmec To Be, has shipped health and beauty products to enable a key customer to expand into the Russian and CIS markets.

Transmec’s support has extended from arranging EAC certification to designing the transport and logistics infrastructure, including distribution throughout Russia as well as Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

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