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An Exceptional Shipment to America

An entire fermentation plant – the largest ever produced - has been transported from Italy to Florida, thanks to the overseas division of Transmec Italia.

The plant was exported for food production at Florida Food on behalf of Transmec’s client Solaris, a leading manufacturer of fermenters and bioreactors.

Transmec managed the entire transportation process - its wide-ranging experience and expertise proving vital in coordinating the various loading stages. Its role included:

- Identifying the right shipping company to guarantee a service without transhipments

- Studying the loading plan of oversized packages inside the containers

- Optimising timing to meet deadlines while minimising transport costs 

- Coordinating the various suppliers in Italy for the handling of the loads, including exceptional transport

- Choosing an appropriate American partner

Constant assistance started months before, during the construction of the plant. During the transit period of up to 16 days and particularly the delivery in the USA, which was the most delicate phase, the Transmec team simultaneously coordinated shipping company, transporter and customs, ensuring that the containers arrived at their destination on time.

"We worked as a team with a great deal of internal and external coordination at all stages,” said Adamo Ruffo, Transmec Overseas Italia's General Manager, who supervised the project.

“We’re all very pleased with the outcome and the satisfaction of our customer – the success of the project has also now made us more aware of what we are able to do.”