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TAPA security award for Transmec’s fleet

Protecting freight is a top priority for Transmec Group and its trucking operations have recently been certificated by TAPA (the Transport Asset Protection Association).

Transmec demonstrated its anti-theft focus in wide-ranging areas including use of GPS tracking and other security technology, following planned routes, only parking in secure areas and maintaining vehicles in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Meeting the standard also requires fully-documented security procedures and the use of security-trained drivers with a clean criminal record.

Run on a not-for-profit basis, TAPA operates globally and its mission is to minimise cargo losses from the supply chain. 

Its vision is an international supply chain where controlled and traceable products can be transported in a cost efficient and secure environment.

Marco Barozzi, Europe Quality Manager, said: “Security, along with speed and flexibility, has always been a cornerstone of Transmec’s operations.

“TAPA certification is a way of showing our customers that security remains as important today as it was when we first started transporting freight more than 160 years ago. It also ensures that we are always implementing the latest and best practices.”