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Supporting the next generation

When it comes to educating students about the world of transport and logistics, Transmec is going the extra mile.

Already involved with a number of projects with schools, colleges and universities, the Group is now taking providing opportunities in line with changes to the education system in Italy.

The new initiative is known as Alternation School Work and Transmec is registered with chambers of commerce in regions across the country.

The scheme means diploma students in their last three years of high school must now alternate their classroom based studies with more hands-on experience within a company.

Hosted students are supported by tutors who teach them about international laws relating to land, sea and air transport as well as procurement and logistics contracts.

While at Transmec, they receive further training relating to the range of services provided to customers and the internal IT systems which connect the Group’s worldwide network.

Transmec Group’s HR manager, Franca Scagliarini, said: “Transmec believes deeply in the importance of close cooperation between the world of education and the world of work.
“We are keen to play an active part in the development of these students and for those who complete our education programmes and gain their qualification, it can often lead to job opportunities within Transmec Group in Italy or abroad.”