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Freight forwarding division extends its global reach

Transmec Group is expanding its global services by extending its membership of the International Freight Logistics Network (IFLN).

The latest part of the Group to join the IFLN is Transmec’s freight forwarding division based in Italy and it follows in the footsteps of the Group’s existing member branches in Peru and Chile.

A worldwide network with headquarters in Texas, USA, the IFLN consists of 240 specialist freight companies based in more than 90 countries.

Members are selected for their high standards of quality, business conduct and management practices, all of which enable the IFLN to compete with major logistics multinationals on a global basis.

"The IFLN is a network of independent shippers and up to four companies are accepted in every country,” said Adamo Ruffo, general manager of Transmec Group’s air and ocean division.

“The involvement of our branches in Peru and Chile has proved very successful and we’re confident that it will open up new markets for our division in Italy.”