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Italy-UK intermodal service provides solutions for customers

Customers are already seeing the benefits of our new intermodal line between Italy and the UK.
These include a well-known designer and manufacturer of industrial handling equipment which has commissioned Transmec to transport parts from all over Lombardy to its plant in the UK.
The need for a highly-flexible service to meet complex installation requirements has been met by the intermodal service and our ability to store loads in semi-trailers at our neighbouring depots until specific parts are required on site.

Running between Novara, Zeebrugge and Tilbury, our intermodal service offers an ideal alternative to road service. As well as being more flexible and cost-effective, it also avoids unscheduled delays such as those experienced in Calais.
Launched in January, the service is enhanced through use of Transmec’s own fleet of Huckepack trailers, which have an increased capacity and can be side-loaded, and reserved spaces on the train between Novara and Zeebrugge.

Giovan Battista Amodeo, Milan branch manager, said: "The new intermodal service has got off to a great start. We already have a large number of orders and we expect demand to keep on growing.
“Right from the beginning, customers have seen tangible benefits and we are receiving a lot of positive feedback."