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Success in limiting disruption to our freight traffic between Kent and Calais

As an international logistics provider and the main freight operator between the UK and Italy, the English Channel is key to vehicle movements with around 50 of our lorries crossing each day.
In the wake of the recent challenges, we’ve worked hard to minimise risk to our drivers whilst protecting our customers’ goods and delivering them as quickly as possible.

“Without question, events throughout the summer caused by migrants at Calais and the striking French ferry workers have had an impact but we have done our utmost to minimise problems,” said UK general manager John Simkins.
“Wherever possible, we have avoided the issues caused by the queues at Calais by holding back our lorries a safe distance from the port. The safety of our drivers, as well as freight, has been a key priority for us.
“In other cases we’ve used different routes to cross the Channel. We’ve also worked closely with customers – particularly those in the automotive industry – on alternative solutions that will keep their businesses operating.”

Additional security has been provided by Transmec’s use of trailers with specially reinforced ‘anti-slash’ curtains.
The company’s long-standing policy of using two drivers on many routes between the UK and Europe has also boosted security further by minimising delays caused by drivers’ hours regulations which still apply to trucks held in queues such as Operation Stack.

The issues faced by Transmec and the actions the company has taken have been highlighted in the UK media with John Simkins appearing on TV news and BBC radio stations, as well as featuring in newspapers and online media.
He said: “We wanted to raise awareness of the situation on the French side which was particularly acute during the blockades caused by the striking ferry workers.
“The recent security upgrades and EU talks are a step in the right direction. However, migrants are clearly desperate to reach the UK and it will be extremely difficult to solve the problem in the short term so we will remain fully prepared.”