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Transmec's first train is ready for departure

Our new intermodal service launches on September 26th with the first Transmec and P&O Ferrymaster train departing from Zeebrugge (BE) to Curtici (RO).

Initially there will be two weekly departures: from Zeebrugge on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7.00 pm and from Curtici on Wednesday and Saturdays at 01.00 pm. From October there will be a third weekly departure on Thursdays. Transit time: 40 h Zeebrugge-Curtici.

Secure, flexible and environmentally friendly: As well as saving of 0,83 kg of CO2/km (0,88 kg by road and 0,05 kg by rail) our intermodal service offers guaranteed availability throughout the year and constant anti-theft monitoring and surveillance. 

New fleet of Huckepack trailers: Avoiding the need for transhipment, our trailers are available in standard size (13,6 m x 2,50 m x h 2,80 m) and Mega version (13,60 m x 2,50 m x h 2,95 m). XL certified, fixed straps, aluminium reinforcements and secured tilt. Loading methods: rear, side and by the roof with liftable roof.

For further info please contact: cstiubea@transmecgroup.it