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Environmental Policy

Transmec Group is committed to providing a quality service which protects the environment and meets customers’ needs. We do this by:

  • Constantly renewing our fleet of vehicles, complying with EU regulations and European safety standards and reducing fuel consumption and emissions by using the latest available technologies such as Euro VI tractors 
  • Investing in intermodal transport - property at terminals, trains and trailers – which delivers a reduction of 0.83 kg of CO2/km (0.88 kg of CO2/km consumption for road compared to only 0.05 kg of CO2/km for rail)
  • Effective and efficient management of our environmental processes, which are constantly reinforced by our BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) principles
  • Carefully selecting and evaluating the suppliers and customers we work with in terms of their processes and commitment to environmental protection
  • Complying with the necessary laws and guidelines and ensuring our staff are aware of and trained according to the latest standards
  • Providing appropriate training for drivers so they drive in a safe, eco-friendly way that will help reduce CO2 emissions