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Groupage and Partial Load LTL

With more than 160 years of experience in transport, we’re the ideal partner when it comes to groupage transport.

Groupage has always been our core business and without doubt, it is the best solution for customers looking to move smaller shipments. 

Groupage means consolidating in one trailer small shipments from different customers in the same country so they can be transported to different customers in another country. The cost for this type of transport is highly competitive when compared to other kinds of shipments, as it is divided between all the service users.

At Transmec Group, we are able to handle every phase of the shipping process from departure to destination. We collect the goods, consolidate them according to specific requirements and deliver them to their final destination. Able to respond quickly to any request with a tailor-made solution, we offer a flexible, fast, safe and competitive service.


  • Daily departures for standard and express service 
  • Import/export groupage service to all European countries
  • Owned vehicles and/or fleet provided by certified subcontractors
  • A variety of trailer types: Huckepack, megatrailer, tarpaulin, box and container
  • Constant tracking through Fleetvisor system
  • Track & trace with a dedicated login for each customer
  • All risk insurance for your goods in addition to regular CMR coverage as required by the law
  • Capillary distribution service to retailers, department stores and private houses
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Full product installation service available, including reverse logistics carried out by a dedicated team
  • Customs clearance
  • Internal customer service
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