Transmec’s employees agree to support each other through ‘solidarity hours’

Transmec Italy has extended its pioneering welfare plan with employees pledging to transfer leave to enable colleagues to take time off to deal with a serious illness that affects them or their close family members.

The ‘Agreement for the transfer of solidarity hours’ has been made by Transmec’s owners and employees in collaboration with the main trade unions and the Italian Industrial Federation of Emilia Romagna.

The important and innovative move will enable those who are forcedly absent from work to continue receiving their entire monthly salary, thanks to the solidarity of their colleagues.

“Difficulties of life can be faced together and the transfer of a few hours of leave by all employees can become a great help for those facing a serious situation,” says Franca Scagliarini, HR Manager of Transmec Italy.

“We are very proud of the choice that we have made and we will keep strengthening our improvement plan to support our employees’ well-being.”

Accordo per la Cessione di Ore Solidale - Transmec Group