Transmec's crucial contribution to Tren Maya's logistics

Transmec’s division in Spain is proving a logistical force for one of Mexico’s biggest railway infrastructure: the Tren Maya.

The Tren Maya (also known as the Mayan Train) is a 1,554-kilometre (966 mile) intercity railway that crosses the Yucatán Peninsula. Construction began in June 2020 and the first section between Campeche and Cancún opened in December 2023.

Transmec’s logistical support encompasses the shipping and delivery of essential components from Spain.

On behalf of two stakeholders, it is firstly handling and shipping specially-crafted iron components for the tracks and secondly moving the vital air-conditioning equipment for each train carriage.

"Tren Maya isn’t just a railway project but a transformative force, acting as a catalyst for economic and tourist growth in the region," said Alberto Loeches, managing director of Transmec De Bortoli Group España.

TDBG’s involvement stems from its close relationships with both stakeholder companies, based on a successful track record of managing important and significant flows on their behalf.

“We also have a lot of experience of the Spain-Mexico route, partnerships with the main shipping lines, and strong domestic support in Mexico which is particularly important given that most of the shipments are handled through DAP [Delivered at Place] terms.”

In the grand tapestry of the Tren Maya, TDBG Spain's role is not only as a technical contributor but as a partner in shaping a transformative journey.

As the railway project continues to forge ahead, TDBG remains a driving force behind the success of this iconic infrastructure initiative

Some of the movements are being handled on crosstrade operations from Germany to México, monitored by TDBG Deutschland, so it’s a full TDBG service!” Alberto added.

Il contributo cruciale di Transmec alla logistica del Tren Maya