Transmec provides shipping solutions as the Red Sea crisis continues

Transmec is offering innovative solutions for sea freight customers experiencing ongoing disruption and delays due to the Red Sea crisis.

The actions of the Houthi militants are forcing container ships to detour around the Cape of Good Hope, adding 15 days for voyages to Europe from the Far East.

The impact is made worse by congestion at ports and escalating direct costs with container rates quadrupling.

For many customers the delays can have a major impact, which is why we’re doing all that we can to minimise them,” explained Alex Smith, manager of Transmec UK’s overseas division.

One solution sees Transmec adopt an innovative sea + air combination to avoid circumnavigation of Africa. Goods go by sea to Dubai then continue to Europe by air freight.

The total transit time of just over two weeks enables production-critical goods, including automotive parts and textiles, to arrive on time and avoid potential delays of more than 35 days.

In other cases, Transmec is arranging for initial product batches to be transported all the way from the Far East by air freight in order to tide customers over until the containers arrive at the port.

Transmec’s offices in Europe are also able to liaise with the Group’s branches in India to secure dedicated space on ships leaving Asia while also using relationships with the main shipping companies to agree advantageous rates and terms.

Hajar Chahboun, Branch Manager & Trade Lane Manager Air & Ocean Division of Transmec Group, said: "As the situation in the Red Sea is not expected to improve in the coming weeks, strategic and agile planning will become even more crucial to mitigate the additional costs that companies have faced and, consequently, will hit end consumers.

“Our added value lies in supporting our clients in assessing all services and related costs and making the best choice for their needs."

La crisi del Mar Rosso persiste: le soluzioni di spedizione Transmec