Transmec plays a supporting role in film festival

Cinematic connections between Italy and France were celebrated with support from Transmec.

The Group was a sponsor of the 13th France Odeon festival which took place in Florence.

Transmec’s involvement, through its grocery logistics company Transmec To Be, comes at a time of strengthening social and economic ties between the two countries, with the forthcoming Quirinal Treaty aiming to formalise and build on these links.

With headquarters in Italy and a significant presence in France, Transmec To Be is well-positioned to develop new partnerships with businesses and it has already secured several new supply chain contracts in both countries.

“The festival is a high-profile cultural event that unites Italy and France and further reinforces the relationship between them,” said Marco Borea, CEO of Transmec To Be.

“This year’s event was particularly high profile because of the Quirinal Treaty and we were delighted to support it and extend awareness of Transmec’s capabilities.”

Transmec a supporto del festival del cinema francese