Transmec joins the pioneering Libellula Project

The Libellula Project brings together businesses that are determined to work together to stop violence from finding space.

Even though many associations are trying to fight this phenomenon, companies have never worked together on this front before.

Franca Scagliarini, HR Manager of Transmec Italia, commented: “Companies today are living and constantly-changing realities populated by men and women who bring not only their skills, but also their way of being, their experience, their way of understanding life.

“The company itself is not just a workplace but a pole of culture where values and messages are transmitted, and this is precisely why its role as ‘communicator’ becomes fundamental.”

Fighting violence against women is also a question of culture and language, because it is precisely through words that the boundaries are drawn between what is acceptable and what is not.

As a result, a company oriented in a certain way offers direction for its collaborators or at least provides opportunities for reflection.

"The Libellula Project is striving for a new, preventative corporate culture with partners who are attentive to human rights, with responsibility towards the world in which we live, towards our families: a new way of working and working all together,” Franca Scagliarini added.

“Joining the network is another step that Transmec Group is taking on its path that has long started towards a culture of gender and continuous training of its collaborators, favouring merit to develop greater awareness of the true values of life."

Transmec aderisce al Progetto Libellula - Transmec Group