Transmec invests in sustainability: photovoltaic energy for a greener future

Step by step, Transmec Group is committed to reducing its footprint on the planet and building a more sustainable future.

the Campogalliano headquarters is pleased to announce the installation of a photovoltaic system, contributing to the group's ecological transition.

Harnessing an inexhaustible source like the sun will allow for the autonomous generation of clean and renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This sustainable energy will be used not only to meet the energy needs of the offices but also the warehouses, significantly decreasing the overall environmental impact of the entire company's operations.

The project contemplates the installation of three photovoltaic systems - one dedicated to each building - which will take approximately six months to complete. Each system will be equipped with a total of 1076 photovoltaic modules, generating an annual energy yield of 617.37 MWh. This clean energy production will contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions, resulting in a decrease of 4,146 tons of carbon dioxide over the next 20 years.

For a company like Transmec, the ecological transition presents significant challenges that the Group tackles daily by investing in innovative technologies, implementing strategies to reduce emissions, and promoting an eco-sustainability-oriented corporate culture. Awareness of the environmental impact guides business decisions, pushing towards the adoption of practices and solutions that reduce pollution and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future, serving as a virtuous model for the entire transport and logistics industry.

The Group has always demonstrated great sensitivity to sustainable development, continually implementing a range of environmental protection policies. In fact, each vehicle in our fleet is regularly replaced to ensure compliance with stringent community environmental regulations and European safety standards. The Euro VI fleet and the use of eco-friendly semi-trailers have helped reduce consumption and emissions through the adoption of the best-available technologies.

Another area of investment by Transmec has been intermodal transport, which includes Group-owned terminals, trains, and trailers. By leveraging rail transport, a saving of 0.83 kg of CO2/km has been measured compared to road transport. Another key element is compliance with legislative regulations and the provision of information and/or training for all personnel involved, both internal and external. This ensures a high level of compliance and environmental awareness. Finally, there has been an essential investment in driver training to promote safe and environmentally friendly driving. Through specific programmes, it has been possible to reduce CO2 emissions and promote a culture of responsible driving.

Transmec has demonstrated a full commitment to actively contribute to change with definitive actions, and this latest initiative represents another step forward towards increasingly conscious and proactive management aimed at a more responsible, sustainable, and environmentally-respectful future.

Transmec impianto fotofoltaico