Transmec Group supports Refettorio Modena: a new gesture of solidarity for the community

A shared commitment to fight food waste and support those in vulnerable situations.

Supporting local communities and promoting socially responsible actions is an integral part of Transmec Group's philosophy, and it is with pride that the Group announces its support for Food for Soul’s newly-launched Refettorio Modena project.

Born from an idea by chef Massimo Bottura and his wife Lara Gilmore, Food for Soul fights against food waste by recovering surplus food and transforming it into nutritious meals for those in need.

Through a network of partners and volunteers, the association has opened to date 12 Refettori in nine countries around the world, offering meals prepared with ingredients otherwise destined for waste.

The Group's donation supports the service offered by Refettorio Modena, inaugurated on March 4, 2024; a place of sharing, where people in a state of economic and social vulnerability can find a hot meal, a smile, and a moment of companionship.

Collaboration with local organisations and a network of dedicated volunteers makes it possible to offer a valuable service to the community, promoting inclusion and solidarity.

"Supporting initiatives like Refettorio Modena is a privilege and an honour for us,” said Danilo Montecchi, CEO of Transmec Group.

“It fills us with pride to know that we can contribute to creating a concrete impact on the lives of people and families in distress. Seeing our commitment translate into concrete actions like this is incredible. We will continue to work to promote a more inclusive future for all,"

Transmec Group's donation is part of a broader commitment to social sustainability. The Group is in fact engaged in various initiatives, both in Italy and internationally, aimed at reducing its environmental impact and promoting the well-being of the communities in which it operates.