Transmec Group revenue rises above 500 million euros

Transmec Group has celebrated a record year which has seen revenue rise above 500 million euros for the first time.

The milestone was announced at the Group’s annual meeting, held at its global headquarters in Campogalliano, near Modena.

“It’s an incredible performance,” Group CEO Danilo Montecchi told 150 of Transmec’s managers from across Europe, North Africa and Asia.

All countries and divisions recorded strong growth in their core transport and logistics activities, supporting clients in a wide range of sectors including fashion, automotive, technology, industrial and leisure.

A further increase in revenue is expected in 2023 and Transmec will look to develop new opportunities as it completes its acquisition of North Africa freight specialist TNA Cargo and opens a 15,000 sq m warehouse at London Gateway.

Growth will be supported by ongoing investment in technology, people, fleet and facilities, as well as energy efficiency.

Transmec has branches in 16 countries and employs more than 1,200 people.

“Across the Group, we have worked hard to mitigate the current global economic challenges,” added Mr Montecchi.

“We have a very strong infrastructure that will enable us to continue to respond to market needs and deliver the solutions required by our customers.” 

Fatturato Transmec supera i 500 milioni