Transmec Group continues its support for the Plautus Festival

Once again, Transmec Rimini has renewed its commitment to support the annual festival, consolidating a partnership that has existed for over ten years.

Transmec Group is committed to supporting the well-established Plautus Festival, a theatre festival dedicated to theatre aficionados and named after the famous Latin playwright Titus Maccius Plautus.

The event has become a tradition, with each edition offering a rich programme of performances, with leading Italian companies staging not only works by classical authors but also the comedies of Plautus.

Regarding Transmec Group's support, Marco Ricchi, Branch Manager of Transmec Rimini, emphasized:

"Supporting the Plautus Festival not only means celebrating art and culture, but also enriching our community. Promoting cultural traditions is fundamental and the Plautus Festival represents an extraordinary opportunity to do so, offering the public an unforgettable experience."

Transmec Group's contribution to the Plautus Festival demonstrates its commitment to supporting cultural and artistic initiatives that enrich the lives of local communities. Through this partnership, the Group confirms its role as an active supporter of culture and art, both in Italy and abroad.

Transmec Group conferma il suo sostegno al Plautus Festival