Transmec builds strong connections between Turkey and Romania

Transmec is eyeing further growth after introducing a third daily link between Turkey and Romania.

Running between Istanbul and Bucharest, the part-load (LTL) service operates in both directions with a transit time of 48 hours.

First established in 2012, the line’s increasing popularity has seen volumes rise 15 per cent in each of the past two years – a solid platform for launching the additional Groupage service.

“We’ve quickly developed a strong reputation for delivering a safe, reliable service and we’re confident that the upward trend will continue,” said Marius Nica, operational manager of Transmec Romania for Turkish lane.

All inbound and outbound activities are supported by Transmec’s teams in its network of offices and warehouses. Full-load services also run between the two hubs.

Collections and deliveries can be arranged throughout Turkey and Romania, while Transmec also manages onward deliveries to all neighbouring countries, including Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Bulgaria.

“We take pride in delivering a door-to-door service, drawing on Transmec’s expertise in providing customers with logistics solutions that are tailored to meet their needs,” added Marius. 

Transmec rafforza il servizio tra la Turchia e la Romania