Transmec Academy: focusing on skills

More skills, better performance

Transmec Academy was born out of the determination and foresight of Danilo and Massimo Montecchi to focus on empowering the individuals who make their company unique. They believe that the key to today's and tomorrow's success lies in enhancing managerial, technical, and soft skills that are key to achieving corporate objectives.

More skills, better performance

Established in 2023 near the Campogalliano headquarters, Transmec Academy has found its home in brand-new facilities dedicated to fostering interaction and learning using cutting-edge connectivity techniques. These include large screens, whiteboards, video cameras, and microphones that enable both remote and in-person interactions.

The adopted training methods have involved a combination of in-person sessions, virtual classes, and e-learning to ensure widespread engagement across the corporate population.

Positive feedback, further engagement

The feedback from the inaugural year was overwhelmingly positive, with a 93% overall approval rating and high percentages for teaching methods and achieved objectives.

What does Academy 2024 hold? The upcoming year promises an expanded course offering catering to a larger audience, along with new modes of engagement such as external team-building activities and dedicated seminars.

However, that is not all! In 2024, the Academy will not only be oriented towards Transmec personnel but also to those who could potentially join the company. Partnerships are anticipated with local institutions to provide young people with highly-constructive technical training for their professional development. This initiative aims to allow them to learn by directly observing the complexities of the shipping and logistics world.

People make us what we are!
Stay tuned for more updates!

Transmec Academy: traguardi e successi 2023