TNA Cargo deal delivering more for Transmec customers

Transmec’s acquisition of North Africa freight specialist TNA Cargo is already delivering benefits by extending the Group’s network on two continents.

As well as handling increasing freight volumes between Europe and North Africa, Transmec will grow its presence in Europe. In addition to branches in Tunis and Tangier, TNA Cargo has bases in the main Italian ports as well as Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria and Greece.

“Our aim is to strengthen and develop our traffic in Europe through our combined network and with our main European customers,” explained Transmec Group CEO, Danilo Montecchi.

“Some of our main European clients have already started to work with TNA for their traffic to and from Tunisia. Transmec and TNA branches in Romania and Turkey are also collaborating and this will develop further.”

Transmec Group acquired 67% of TNA Cargo in August and is expected to purchase the remaining share capital next year.

Mr Montecchi recently visited TNA Cargo’s headquarters in Tunis, accompanied by TNA’s founder, Germano Garbin, who will remain as CEO.

The state-of-the-art, 3500 sq m hub is home to a 55-strong team and a fleet of 30 vehicles and 25 trucks. 

“It was fantastic visit. It’s an extremely impressive site which manages the delivery of import and export goods to and from all over Europe,” he added.

“It’s fully compliant with European standards. Staff are highly experienced and can provide customs clearance through their own internal customs office.”

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