T-data’s new ecommerce technology puts clients in control

Transmec has launched T-data, providing a pioneering approach to managing ecommerce services and logistics.

T-data is an Ecommerce Service Provider (ESP), providing an alternative to the traditional outsourcing model through an integrated system that gives clients much greater control.

The powerful T-platform allows clients to run their ecommerce operation through their own website, enabling them to retain full control of their digital strategy and logistics sub-contractor.

Working through the website, T-data’s multi-channel application programming interface (API), links to all the main marketplaces – including Amazon, eBay and Etsy – and integrates all suppliers.

It manages the outsourcing of all areas of the sales process - including data processing, financial, privacy, tax, legal and fraud - ensuring clients incur no risk relating to the sale.

“The exciting T-data service provides significant benefits to clients by combining the advantages of both outsourcing and in-house models,” explained Danilo Montecchi, CEO of Transmec Group.

“The highly-innovative approach has been born from Transmec Group’s increasing specialization in the e-commerce sector and automated picking systems." 

T-data: una nuova società del Gruppo per l’e-commerce - Transmec Group