Sounds of Oradea 2023: Transmec is transport partner

Transmec is the transport partner for the 2023 edition of the Sounds Of Oradea music festival.

The event continues to astound for the second consecutive year, bringing the most relevant talents from the international classical music scene onto the stage. The audience has the opportunity to immerse themselves in a unique musical event, experiencing exceptional performances by the best contemporary artists.

Thanks to the close collaboration with Transmec, the festival has been able to benefit from impeccable logistical organization. Transmec's efficiency and expertise have been reflected in every aspect of the festival, ensuring a smooth flow of necessary supplies and equipment. The synergy between the festival team and Transmec has resulted in detailed planning, precise time management, and optimal resource distribution. Thanks to this strong partnership, the festival has been able to fully focus on creating a memorable experience for its audience, with the assurance of having reliable, punctual, and professional logistics at its disposal.

Sounds Of Oradea 2023: Transmec è partner per i trasporti