Shipping classic cars to Qatar – very carefully!

When it came to moving a collection of 13 classic Italian vehicles for a major overseas exhibition, Transmec steered the project extremely carefully.

Including iconic Fiat 500s from the 1950s, a Fiat 1400 Cabrio, an Iso Isetta, a Mival Mivalino, and also an 1888 Benardi bicycle, the very special load was transported from Rome to Qatar.

In Qatar the vehicles will go on display at the Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum, one of the world’s largest private museums and home to 15,000 items.

The cars, most of which can no longer be driven, needed to be loaded and unloaded by hand with the aid of winches.

Shipped via the port of Civitavecchia, they will remain on display in Qatar for up to a year. Transmec will then handle their return to Italy.

“It’s been a very exciting and rewarding project,” explained Hajar Chahboun, trade lane manager of Transmec’s Air & Ocean Division.

“We didn’t just handle a shipment, we actually touched amazing examples of Italian history on four, three and two wheels – all very delicately, of course!

“It took eight months to prepare, but it was worth it. Thanks go to the Ant. Bellettieri & Co shipping agency for its invaluable support and also to Transmec’s branch in Milan.” 

Spedizione di auto d’epoca in Qatar