Polish and British teamwork delivers for Donaldson

When a longstanding UK customer needed to transfer almost 40 truckloads of stock to Poland, Transmec’s branches in the two countries worked together to make it happen.

The loads of filter membrane had to be taken from Donaldson’s two sites in Hull to the company’s filter manufacturing plant at Skarbmierz.

Donaldson has worked closely with Transmec’s Bradford branch for almost 20 years, with the depot transporting their goods domestically and throughout Europe on a daily basis.

 Appreciating the complexity of the stock transfer, the company approached Transmec as it knew it could trust them to deliver.

And to ensure things went even more smoothly, the Bradford branch was able to involve Transmec’s Polish depot at Gliwice, close to Skarbmierz in the south-west of the country.

Over a six-week period the two branches worked together to successfully manage collections, deliveries and customs clearance.

“We knew we could rely on Transmec and they did a fantastic job, working with us every step of the way to ensure the process was as smooth as possible” said Tom Kerry, customer service and logistics at Donaldson.

“The flexibility they offered, often at very short notice, was second to none. With Transmec it feels like they are an extension of our team, always there to support and guide us.

“For me, the biggest benefit of using Transmec is that they aren’t just interested in sales, they really work to ensure we get the solution we need.”

It’s the second successful collaboration between the two branches this year. They also worked together to transport a truckload of humanitarian aid from Yorkshire to Ukraine via the Red Cross in Poland.

Stretta collaborazione tra Polonia e Regno Unito per le consegne di Donaldson