Partnership with JLG rises to new heights

Transmec’s “outstanding performance” has been recognised by JLG, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of access equipment.

Working together since 2013, Transmec’s services - managed by the Group’s branch in Belgium - have continually evolved to meet JLG’s changing business needs.

As a result Transmec recently received a special supplier award from JLG.

“We’ve always been proactive and flexible, working closely with JLG to find solutions,” said Piero Feci, Transmec Belgium’s sales manager.

“Our approach has really helped JLG to meet a number of strategic challenges and a strong partnership has developed. Whilst this is just the way we do things at Transmec, it’s nice to receive formal recognition.” 

Originally appointed to deliver to JLG’s production site at Maasmechelen in eastern Belgium, Transmec was responsible for collecting from suppliers throughout the Benelux countries.

Transmec’s territory was soon extended to include France and Italy while it also took charge of transporting containers imported to Antwerp from the United States.

However, the partnership moved to a new level when JLG switched production from Maasmechelen to Medias in Romania.

Transmec was well-placed to keep the supply chain moving, having four depots in Romania and its own, well-established intermodal service linking Oradea, in the west of the country, with Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Creating a hub at Transmec’s depot at Herstal, near Liege, components were transported via road and rail to Romania, as well as JLG’s other European manufacturing plant at Tonneins in south-west France.

To help guarantee the flow of parts to Medias, Transmec opened a dedicated warehouse, which now has a capacity of 6,500 sq m, to store components at its Oradea site.

Since then the relationship has continued to develop with Transmec transporting JLG’s access equipment throughout Europe using its own fleet of lowered vehicles equipped for loading and unloading machinery.

“This service, which is operated from Romania, has proved very successful and we’ve recently doubled our fleet to six vehicles,” added Piero.

“It’s another example of how JLG is benefiting from Transmec’s presence throughout Europe and the considerable resources we are able to offer clients.”

Partnership con JLG in continua ascesa - Transmec Group