New approvals ensure Transmec Italy is ready for Brexit

Transmec Italy has taken action to ensure it is ready for new customs formalities for trade between the EU and UK following Brexit.

The end of the transition period means that new arrangements will come into force on January 1st and Transmec aims to guide customers through the changes and ensure that any disruption is kept to a minimum.

Firstly, all Italian branches have successfully obtained Authorized Consignor and Consignee status which enables them to act as a customs agent and manage clearance for both exported and imported goods. Transmec’s branches in the UK hold equivalent authorizations.

“We’re determined to help customers manage the effects of Brexit and make the process as quick and easy as possible,” said Marco Barozzi, Transmec’s Europe quality manager.

“These new approvals mean that Transmec not only carries the goods but can also manage customs clearance, thereby providing customers with a convenient one-stop shop.”

Transmec Italy has also been granted permission to operate Temporary Storage (TST) at all its warehouses (Milan, Turin, Prato and at its headquarters at Campogalliano, Modena). 

This enables goods imported from non-EU countries to be stored for up to 90 days before being bound to a customs procedure. During this period the goods can be re-exported to non-EU destinations without having to pay EU duties.

Transmec UK also offers approved External Temporary Storage Facilities (ETSFs) which will minimise delays as customs clearance can be managed away from ports.

Please contact us for further information.

Transmec Italia ottiene nuove autorizzazioni ed è pronta per la Brexit