Investing to meet increasing intermodal demand

Transmec is extending facilities at its main intermodal hub in Europe to keep pace with a rapid increase in services.

Seventeen roundtrip services now run every week from the private Intermodal Vest terminal in Oradea, Romania - almost triple the total at the start of 2021.

Hub owner Intermodal Vest, a joint venture between Transmec and P&O Ferrymasters, has responded by making further investment.

An additional 19,000 sq m of parking will increase trailer capacity, whilst a fourth reach stacker and an extra tow yard truck are also being introduced.

Working in partnership with P&O Ferrymasters, Transmec has already invested more than 6.5 million euros in developing the hub and building a 600-strong intermodal fleet.

Managing director of Transmec Group, Danilo Montecchi, said: “We’re very proud of the Intermodal Vest terminal and we will continue to invest to ensure it evolves and is able to meet the strong demand for intermodal services.”

Transmec’s longstanding joint services with P&O Ferrymasters now include a third roundtrip weekly link with Zeebrugge, which has been introduced to meet market need for a reliable connection to the UK. A twice-weekly service to Piacenza and a return to Lodz continue to run.

Eleven private services to the German cities of Herne and Stuttgart have been launched, with an additional three, to Bettembourg in Luxembourg, expected to operate from late spring. 

Nuovi investimenti per il trasporto intermodale