Insights and solutions to overcome global supply chain disruptions

Transmec discusses today's global market challenges at the Faro Club’s economic forum.

Recognised as a leading player in global logistics, Transmec Group was invited to the most recent Faro Club event in Brescia for in-depth discussions concerning the urgent matter of the Red Sea crisis and its far-reaching effects on the global supply chain.

Known for bringing together specialists from diverse sectors and attendees from high-profile companies involved in import and export, the event at Villa Fenaroli fostered meaningful dialogue on current market trends and future strategies, topics included the international macroeconomic scenario, supply chain dynamics, and sustainability.

The escalating tensions in the Red Sea region has led to a significant decline in container transportation through the Suez Canal.

With maritime freight rates soaring and uncertainty looming, Transmec emphasized the importance of exploring alternative routes and transport modes to ensure the uninterrupted flow of goods.

"The current situation presents significant challenges extending journey times and increased costs for businesses worldwide" explained Giorgio Mongeri, Transmec Group’s General Manager Air & Ocean Division.

"While circumnavigating Africa remains an option, it's an inefficient solution due to the extended time frames involved. We believe intermodal solutions offer a more viable alternative. Combining ship, air, truck, and train transportation, provides a faster, more sustainable and more cost-effective way to move goods."

Transmec Group’s Business Development Manager Import, Massimo Iori elaborated on the potential of specific intermodal routes.

"The train service from China to Europe offers an attractive option with reasonable transit times," he said. "However, scheduling complexities and limited capacity require careful planning."

Attention was drawn to maritime routes from Chinese ports to Dubai, which take 15-20 days. Then, the goods transit in Free Trade Zones and are shipped to European airports, including Milan. This alternative, particularly suitable for certain cargo types such as fashion and electronics, underscores the adaptability of supply chain strategies amidst evolving geopolitical and economic landscapes.

By advocating for strategic diversification and flexibility in logistics operations, Transmec reaffirmed its position as a trailblazer in the realm of supply chain management. As the global business landscape continues to evolve, the Group remains at the forefront of driving change and fostering resilience in logistics.

Transmec discute le interruzioni della supply chain globale al Faro Club