Improved shipping links with the Far East

Transmec’s global shipping solutions have been strengthened with faster connections between Europe and the Far East.

The Group’s overseas teams have worked throughout 2020 to help clients overcome disruption to supply chains caused by international lockdowns.

Existing weekly services between the Far Eastern ports of Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzen, Hong Kong and the Italian port of Genoa have now been stepped up with reduced

inbound transit times of up to four days.

Imports are handled via the Group’s hub at Campogalliano (Modena) while exports channelled via its depot in Milan.

Fast access to Transmec’s European branch network means that customers in other countries can take advantage of the direct routes.

Overseas manager, Tommaso Giudici, said: “The service offers a reliable solution for our customers, benefiting not only companies that source goods and materials from the Far East, but also exporters wanting to take advantage of the huge marketplace in China and neighbouring countries.” 

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Transmec ha ridotto il transit time marittimo da e verso l'Estremo Oriente