Going large – oversize load service takes off

Transmec has successfully extended its services between Italy and the UK to cater for abnormal loads.

Operating in both directions, the service manages all kinds of special loads, including industrial and agricultural machinery, pipework and construction materials.

There’s a demand for flatbed trailers between UK and Italy, and over the past year we’ve stepped up to meet it,” explained Sam Hardy, operations manager at Transmec’s Bradford branch.

We began by serving our own industrial clients and are now supporting freight forwarders who can’t offer the service themselves.Our aim is to become the go-to provider. We understand the importance of providing an extremely precise solution and the service has been very well received.”

Customers benefit from Transmec’s extensive fleet and partnerships, its network of branches in the UK and Italy, plus its in-house customs management.

Shipping with Transmec means speedier delivery as trucks don’t need to stop for customs clearance at an ETSF (External Temporary Storage Facility).

Oversize loads can exceed 100 tonnes and are regularly between four and eight metres wide.

Based in Bradford, the UK’s special transport team liaises with its counterparts in Italy, managing everything from quotes to final-mile delivery.

Working to agreed schedules, the team handles all permit requests and any escort requirements, using Transmec’s extensive knowledge of the European road network to choose the best route.

Transmec’s owned vehicles and others provided through close collaboration with suppliers include extendable, flat, lowered and goose-neck trailers.

trasporto di carichi eccezionali