Flavours and business: Italian-themed dinner develops Transmec’s links with Sri Lanka

Transmec participated as a platinum sponsor in the “Cena Veneziana” event in Colombo, held by the Sri Lanka Italy Business Council.


Engaged in enhancing investments and trade between Sri Lanka and Italy for over two decades, the Sri Lanka Italy Business Council, during the Italian Cuisine Week 2023, skillfully orchestrated the "Cena Veneziana" event in which Transmec enthusiastically took on the role of Platinum Sponsor.


Highlighting the importance of strengthening commercial ties between the two countries, the Italian ambassador in Colombo, Damiano Francovigh, generously endorsed the evening, which featured Chef Leonardo Ricci showcasing his extraordinary culinary expertise.

Transmec actively participated alongside its local strategic correspondent, Daminda Mulgama, Director-Business Development at EFL Global - Sri Lanka and Vice President at Sri Lanka Italy Business Council. This participation once again underlines the Group's incessant commitment to building solid relationships in the international context.

During the dinner, Francesca Rossi, Transmec’s Branch Manager - Air Ocean Division, had the opportunity to meet several leading figures in the business world between Italy and Sri Lanka, focusing on import and export dynamics. These meetings not only contributed to deepening the understanding of the local market, but also opened new perspectives for future collaborations.

Participation in the event represented an important opportunity for the Group to reduce the distance with Sri Lanka. In embracing diversity, Transmec has been able to grasp precious riches that have contributed to the construction of even more robust and profound relationships based on shared values ​​such as quality, innovation and sustainability. This experience has also consolidated Transmec's commitment to promoting fruitful intercultural dialogue, promoting commercial relationships that go beyond simple transactions, to build a partnership based on mutual respect and lasting collaboration.

Transmec sponsor della Cena Veneziana a Colombo