Flat pack sustainability in managing e-commerce returns

Transmec is continuing to pioneer reverse logistics processes, with a key focus on sustainability.

In Germany, Transmec De Bortoli Group (TDBG) Deutschland, has introduced flat-pack recycled boxes that significantly reduce packaging and waste.

The boxes are used in managing TDBG’s latest e-commerce returns contract where fashion items are sent back by customers from across Germany.

The returns address is our branch in Poing, near Munich, and we place all items in the boxes as opposed to larger boxes. No repacking is required and we don’t need to use plastic film,” explained Branch Manager, Massimiliano De Martino.

Once we’ve delivered them back to the retailer’s distribution centre in Italy, we pick up the flattened boxes from the previous batch and bring them back to Poing to be reused.

The process is working really well and there’s no issue with the empty boxes taking up space in our trucks or our warehouse.”

Across the Group, Transmec manages multiple reverse logistics/e-returns contracts and other innovations include carrying out quality checks on behalf of clients.

Not only does this ensure refunds can be issued more quickly, it also means fewer return deliveries to the client’s distribution centre as the returns transaction has already been processed.

Our aim is always to come up with a solution that’s right for the client and is as sustainable as possible,” Massimiliano added.