Fashion e-commerce: faster and more eco-friendly returns

The fast-moving world of e-commerce requires logistics solutions that meet changing market expectations.

Transmec’s approach to managing returns is a prime example of how we’ve worked with clients across Europe to optimise their efficiency.

In Germany, our Munich branch has transformed the returns and refunds process for an Italian-based clothing retailer. The video shows how we did it.

“Previously, returns from across Germany were sent back to the client in Italy for quality checks and the issuing of credits and refunds,” explained Kurt Fleschuetz, managing director of Transmec De Bortoli Group (TDBG) Deutschland.

“The process took up to five days and one of the main e-commerce marketplaces asked the client to speed up the refunds process to no more than three days. This is where we were able to help.”

Working with the client, the Munich branch began to take charge of key stages in the process.

Shipments to consumers in Germany now contain a returns delivery label to Transmec Munich. This ensures that all returns from across Germany arrive at the branch the following day.

On the day they arrive, Transmec staff scan and quality check every item. They then use an app to inform the client whether to issue a refund, send a different size or an alternative item.

“The revised logistics process works extremely well and means that refunds are made within the target timescale,” added Kurt.

“It also enables us to consolidate the returned items and deliver them to the client on a weekly basis, which is both more efficient and eco-friendly.”

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