Extending UK customs clearance to North Sea ports

Transmec has extended its UK customs clearance service to cover around 15 key North Sea ports.

Immingham, Grimsby, Hull, Boston and Goole are among the Humber Community ports covered by Transmec’s ‘badge’ that is required for all inventory-linked ports.

“We’ve obtained the badge in order to meet increasing demand for clearances in this area,” explained Alex Smith, manager of Transmec’s customs division.

“We’re seeing growing volumes of cargo moving from northern Europe to the Humber ports of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire which form a major trade gateway. In some cases, companies are moving away from Dover, particularly where their freight is destined for the north of England.

“Our badge means that we can now offer customers a far more streamlined service and grow our own business, utilising our Yorkshire depot to provide transport and storage when required.” 

The inventory-linked clearance system requires the customs agent to access the port record and present entries against it. This contrasts with non-inventory ports such as Dover, Eurotunnel and most RoRo ports where entries are submitted to customs.

The Humber ports are among the most important in the UK, handling a diverse range of freight including commodities and manufactured goods. 

The Port of Immingham is the UK’s biggest port by tonnage, handling around 50 million tonnes of cargo every year. 

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