Express fashion service is tailor made

Transmec has introduced an express service between Italy and the UK to meet the needs of a leading fashion brand.

Leaving the client’s distribution centre in northern Italy at 6pm, the double-manned, daily service arrives in the UK by 4pm the following day.

A Transmec UK team then takes charge of each shipment and ensures deliveries are made to stores.

“This is one of the services that have helped our clients to respond to Brexit,” explained Transmec’s group commercial director, Adrian Nicholls.

“Many companies have relocated their main distribution centres from the UK to the EU in order to simplify transport and logistics and minimise costs. 

“Most luxury fashion brands have consolidated their operations in northern Italy, where a high volume of garments and fabrics are produced.

“Transmec is ideally-situated to support them and the speed and security of our services are important in ensuring our clients remain fully responsive to their important customer base in the UK.” 

Servizio espresso moda - Transmec Group