Europe-wide coverage for abnormal loads service

Transmec is now able to move abnormal loads throughout Europe, thanks to the expansion of its successful special transport division.

Launched in 2016, the operation has grown rapidly and now provides access to 150 different types of vehicles within a 300-strong fleet.

Oversize loads can exceed 100 tonnes and are regularly between four and eight metres wide.

Amongst those already being carried are industrial and agricultural machinery, such as access equipment and telehandlers; automotive prototypes; architectural cladding and other prefabricated construction materials.

“Our service has developed extremely quickly and we are able to transport almost any load,” explained the head of the division, Giovanni Scrocca.

“We know the importance of providing an extremely precise solution and the service has been very well received – feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and they are asking us to do more for them.”

Run by expert teams at two centres, the special transport division serves the whole of mainland Europe as well as the UK and Ireland. Coverage includes city centres, where many construction sites are located.

Working to agreed schedules, the team handles all permit requests and any escort requirements, using Transmec’s extensive knowledge of the European road network to choose the best route. Customs clearance is also managed as part of the process.

Transmec’s owned vehicles and others provided through close collaboration with suppliers include extendable, flat, lowered and goose-neck trailers.

Servizio in Europa per i trasporti eccezionali - Transmec Group