Eco-efficiency: Transmec and Consorzio CEE for sustainable business

Highlighting its commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, Transmec Group recently participated in the members' meeting of Consorzio CEE.

Since 1999, Consorzio CEE has been supporting businesses in energy management by providing specialised consultancy and detailed analyses of consumption patterns, identifying tailored solutions to improve energy efficiency. 

Among these, emerges Transmec Group too, which, in its constant search for innovative and sustainable solutions, recently participated in the members' meeting.

Thanks to its partnership with Consorzio, the Group is already able to implement corporate policies aimed at optimising consumption, thereby enabling a more rational use of energy resources.

In the coming weeks, the Group will take another step forward by welcoming Consorzio CEE's representatives to its headquarters at Campogalliano.

"This meeting is part of a broader sustainability strategy," explained Lucia Grassi, Transmec Group‘s Operations Manager.

"It will be a valuable opportunity to discuss and plan the Group's future sustainable developments. Particular attention will be put on the optimisation of the last-mile service and warehouse operations, with the goal of implementing increasingly efficient and eco-friendly solutions."

With its ongoing commitment to sustainability, the Group demonstrates how collaboration can lead to concrete operational and environmental improvements, confirming its responsibility towards a more environmentally-conscious future.

Transmec e Consorzio CEE per un business sostenibile